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  • Here you can find a comprehensive guide to most of the upcoming constructions and infrastructure across Sydney.
  • Here you can find a comprehensive guide to all current and future major projects across Australia.
  • The tradesman, often regarded as one of Australia's most in-demand professions, is among the top earners in terms of earnings and wages. Read this article to learn about the construction trade.
  • What do you know about one of the most famous Australian bridges - Sydney Harbour Bridge?
  • Where does Construction Waste Go?

    20 Oct 2021 Stephanie Li
    Construction and demolition projects can produce a wide variety of waste materials. This waste encompasses not only trash and useless materials, but also excavated material such as rock and soil waste ...
  • Set to take place at Darling Harbour’s International Convention Centre (ICC) from Wednesday 1 to Thursday 2 June 2022, Sydney Build Expo has confirmed a key pledge in this year’s event will be mental ...
  • Every single construction business must invest in its marketing strategy. Without marketing, there are no sales.
  • Understand the rules and restrictions regarding Covid-19 for the construction industry in NSW.
  • Chuo Shinkansen, Japan Japan's Linear Chuo Shinkansen high-speed train line, officially titled the Linear Chuo Shinkansen, will transport passengers 286 kilometres from Tokyo to Nagoya in only 40 minu ...
  • The Sydney Opera House, located in Sydney Harbour, is a performing arts centre that has been regarded as a masterpiece of modern architecture and a symbol of Australia since its opening in 1973. In 19 ...
  • Woods Bagot Woods Bagot has been growing roots in the Australian architectural landscape for over 150 years. One of our favourite projects is Short Lane, a mixed-use apartment building in Sydney with ...
  • What is Construction Management?

    30 Sep 2021 Michael Wong
    Quickly identify what is Construction Management
  • Australia is a powerhouse in construction. Which companies are leading the way?