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DAY ONE - MAY 1st, 2024

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10:00 am - Australia's Clean Energy Transition: Heat and Power Generation

11:00 am - Energy Storage in Australia's Transition to Renewable Energy: Innovations and Challenges

12:00 pm - Solar Energy in Australia: Innovations and Trends in Photovoltaic Technology

1:00 pm - Green Buildings and HVAC Systems: Addressing Climate Change and Air Quality Challenges

2:00 pm - Heat Pumps and District Heating: Decarbonizing Heat Generation

3:00 pm - Building Envelope and Energy Efficiency: Best Practices for High-Performance Buildings

4:00 pm - Smart Grids and Microgrids: Optimising Energy Efficiency

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10:00 am - Driving Innovation in HVAC and Facilities Management: A Look at the Top Trends for the Next Decade

11:00 am - Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in HVAC Systems: Best Practices and Case Studies

12:00 pm - Facilities Management Resilience Strategies: Mitigating Risks and Ensuring Business Continuity

1:00 pm - HVAC Retrofit: Improving System Performance and Efficiency

2:00 pm - Cooling Technologies for Sustainable Building Operations

3:00 pm - Building Performance Optimisation for Heat, Energy, Air & Water Management

4:00 pm - Building Envelope Design: Improving Energy Efficiency and Comfort

DAY TWO - MAY 2nd, 2024

Digital Construction Australia


10:00 am - The Impact of Circular Economy Principles on Heat, Energy, Air, and Water Management

11:00 am - Water Conservation and Management in Buildings: Best Practices for Sustainable Water Use

12:00 pm - Digitalisation in Facilities Management: Latest Developments and Future Trends

1:00 pm - The Role of Energy Modeling in Building Design

2:00 pm - Building Automation in HVAC Systems

3:00 pm - The Impact of Indoor Environmental Quality on Health and Productivity

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10:00 am - Indoor Air Pollution: Health Impacts and Strategies for Preventing and Mitigating Exposure

11:00 am - Latest Trends in Energy Efficient Lighting Systems

12:00 pm - Facilities Management Data Analytics: Maximising Efficiency through Data-Driven Decision Making

1:00 pm - Smart Building Technologies: Applications for HVAC and Facilities Management

2:00 pm - From Theory to Practice: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Real-World Applications in HVAC and Facilities Management

3:00 pm - Next-Generation Building Management Systems